Friday, July 28, 2006

Your President Cares About YOU

Exxon Mobil receives a 36% rise in profits this quarter, adding to the ongoing trend of the Big Oil companies windfal profits under the Bush/Cheney regime. Does anyone really not see the collusion between Darth Cheney's secret energy commission meetings, Bush's family oil business interests, and the chaos in the Middle East? How can any American in the middle class believe in this soulless, evil crooks? Ask my father-in-law, or my coworker D.N.

906 more days with these guys left, (unless the far right continues to lead us into the apocalypse. I'm depressed.


Da Old Man said...

I really need a special font for sarcasm... goes...

Yeah, before Bush, the oil companies barely got by. If it wasn't for Goober selling the occasional can of 10W40, the corner "fillin' stations" and the oil companies that supplied them would have gone under.

Did you ever read some of the sweetheart deals John D. Rockefeller had back in the late 1800's - early 1900's? At one point, he boasted that between him and Carnegie, they owned everything. And that was about 100 years before Bush and Cheney. They are just allowing the tradition to continue.

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