Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back for Business

It's been awhile, so here are a few quick thoughts.

1) Thank you, NBC. Finally, a mainstream media outlet states what most of us able to walk upright with I.Q.'s over 80: Iraq is involved in a complete civil war. It's been that way for quite some time, and the poor american troops are simply bodies in the middle, absorbing violence from every direction. Of course, Mr. Bush is nothing if not consistent. Apparently, according to him, the increased chaos is due to Al-Qaeda, and there is no civil war. Once again, those of us in the fact based world have been overruled by the decider in chief, the emperor, King George.

2) I want every person who voted for this administration and supported all of the lies, offered apologies for every misstep, and blamed anyone but the "decider" to apologize. I want these apologies directly to me. Something along the lines of "Hi, my name is (fill in the blank) and I am ignorant, evil, arrogant, and unworthy of the opportunities. I have contributed to the death of thousands of Americans and many more innocent Iraqi civillians. I hereby acknowledge my idiocy and incompetence as a human being, and pledge to never again vote before conferring with a more intelligenct person." (I will be happy to provide a list of qualified individuals, starting with both my wife and I.)

3) Rutgers plays their biggest game ever this Saturday night, and it's been really nice to follow college football with a legitimate rooting interest this year. Thanks, Coach Schiano and the RU football team!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day

A few days ago I was flipping channels, looking for something to watch, and I came across the Barry Levinson file, Bandits. The film stars Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thorton as bank robbing brothers who pick up "hostage"/accomplice Cate Blanchett and mayhem ensues. There is a scene where Billy Bob's character, a hypochondriac genius, speaks about the difficulty being so smart. He tells Bruce " You know what the trouble is being smarter than everyone else? You pretty much know how everything is going to turn out, and it takes the surprise out of everything" That's how I have felt watching the Bush regime run roughshod over the country the last 6 years. I told people the war was a choice, not a necessity, and I watched the masses continue to support this amoral, thieving regime of greedy, evil scumbags. It is frustrating being smarter than the overwhelming majority, because the facts and the truth regarding many of the so called issues is available for those who choose to gather info and formulate opinions based on truth.

Anyway, I will add more later because this is a really good day, and a chance of new hope.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Here we go again

Reality Check, people. John Kerry has many things to apologize for; running a lousy campaign in 2006, not responding to the venomous Swift boat attacks, being such a boring candidate. However, he doesn't need to apologize for criticizing the president yesterday.

It amazes me that guys like Bush and Cheney, guys who have never found their patriotism strong enough to ante up and go provide their services to the U.S. Military, these guys constantly couch their attacks with uberpatriotic wrappings. WTF! Let's take a very quick look at the facts. I don't need to link these things, they are the facts and if you disagree, well quite simply, you are wrong

1. Bush/Cheney storm the presidency in 2000, basically appointed by the Supreme Court. It is clear the country wanted Gore, as shown by the popular vote and the thousands of people who realized their votes were being miscounted. Can anyone really doubt this, given the enormous number of lies from this regime since. Is it really hard to see that the state in which the governor is a Bush and the elections controller is nastyass ugly republican wench Kathrine Harris?

2. Bush/Cheney ignore a variety of security warnings and are asleep at the switch when the tragedy of 9/11 hits. I want to be clear here; I am not blaming Bush/Cheney for this attack. However, for all of you who say "We haven't had an attack since then, so these guys make me safe! - I say, these are the same guys in charge who were unable to prevent the first attack, so in my mind they are 0 for 1 in major U.S. catastrophes.

3. Bush/Cheney practically cream in their pants with the opportunity to channel public outrage and sadness into an invasion of a non threatening, sovereign nation, Iraq. After a brief pit stop in Afghanistan (for show, basically, since Afghanistan is still a complete mess, just not so bad when compared to Iraq), the war drums began. "Sadaam has WMD's, with rolling mobile death units. Mushroom clouds are on the horizon". - Hmmm, that's not what the weapons inspectors on the ground were saying, and as they continue to inspect Iraq (with Sadaam's cooperation, remember), the Bush boys and their pals begin to panic, realizng the WMD talk could be proven false. So they announce an attack, basically an invasion that Iraq never had a chance to avoid.

4. Promises of being greeted as "liberators, with flowers and chocolate" never do materialize. Instead, over 3 years later, the U.S. military contines to struggle, the country is more unstable than ever, nearly 300 american troops are dead with who knows how many seriously wounded, missing limbs or suffering from life long post war injuries. The u.s. standing in the world is at an all time low, troops are stuck in a never ending cycle of attacks, basically target practice in a civil war.

5. Bush/Cheney "win" re-election, once again under dubious circumstances. It's important to note, when speaking about elections, that many dictatorships and communist countries also have "elections". The word means nothing without a genuine enforcement of an honest, open voting process. Honest and open are not words associated with the neo conservative movement.

The sad truth is that this could go on and on and on.... and while I believe all politicians need to scrutinized carefully, it is imperative that enough americans demonstrate their disgust with all Republicans. It's sad, really, because I know many conservative/republicans, and if they had held Bush's feet to the fire and ensured that their leadership was responsible, competent, and even moderately honest we wouldn't be in this hole. Remember, all the problems in this country right now can fairly be laid at the feet of the G.o.P. They've been in complete control of everything; the House, the Senate, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court. It's obvious that the republicans have no interest in monitoring their own (hell, the congress won't even hold oversight committees on the blatant war profiteering going on, primarily by companies such as Haliburton (surprise, surprse, Cheney's boys). The oil price gouging (hmm, Bush, Condi, Cheney - all with their fingers in the energy pie). However, the republicans have yet to stand up the the regime on one issue; and only now, as many republicans fight for their political lives, do we hear some criticisms of the administration (mostly directed at ancillary figures such as Donald "Skeleto" Rumsfeld).