Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Round UP

Yo, what up, everyone. Quick thoughts on this unbearably humid and very unpleasant Sun. afternoon.

How in the name of anything (God, all that is holy, fill in the blank here) can anyone still believe that John MccAin and Sarah Palin should run this country? A true example, a continuation really, of the idiots in this country (ex. Red State America, Religious Wackos, filthy rich, and the willfully ignorant_ who vote Party first and competency last. There is no room for debate re: the debate Fri., Obama looked like a smart, sensible, intelligent man who explained the nuances of many votes, pointed out the failures of the Bush approach to governing, and reminded people that John McCain is nothing more than an extension of Bush. Keating Five, anyone? (if you don't know, look it up.)

Yet the ignorance, (and racism, regardless of what people want to delude themselves into believing) continue to plague the Democratic party

Rutgers pounds on Morgan St., the homecoming game I was supposed to attend with my buddies, but we bailed out due to the awful weather. Anyway, RU wins, and maybe things will be a little bit better - Cinncinatti lost their starting qb, (their back up, really, but he was staring in place of their original starter) so RU will hopefully get them with their 3rd stringer. Pat White got hurt for wVU, next weeks opponent, so maybe that helps out too. Finally, the Navy upset win over Wake Forest, ranked 16th, at Wake Forest, makes the Navy loss look a bit better now. With the Big East starting next week, a win there would go a long way to adding some hope to this season.

Red sox begin defense Wed against Angels, and if they win that series, I think they go to the WS

Mets are choking ..... again. Surprise.


CBS Sarah Palin interview

Or how about this? She gives incompetence a bad name, and shows the judgment of John "Insane" MCCain to be a danger to us all.

Sarah Palin, Thomas Muthee and witchcraft

Really, Red State America? This is the woman you want a heartbeat from the presidency? YOU ARE ALL RUINING THIS COUNTRY - WAS BUSH Not BAD EnOUgh?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sarah Palin


I'm Back, and I'm Mad As Hell (and tired)

Of Course the Fox News coverage is immensely pro McCain, and yet it couldn't have been clearer that Obama crushed John. - Racist overtone, by the smiling annoying Shepard Smith. Speaking with Chris Wallace. - I might puke now, --- or have more wine. How fucking stupid is this country? Has anyone listened to Gov. Palin? Really, this is the duo you want leading your country.

A national political campaign is better than the best circus ever heard of, with a mass baptism and a couple of hangings thrown in.
H. L. Mencken


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Guns N Roses, Confirmation of a Hot Chick Pick, The Red Sox and mets Note

Man, I wished Guns N Roses could have kept their shit together. Listening to the Ipod right now, shuffle, and Anything Goes came on. That isn't even one of the better songs on Appetite For Destruction, and yet it is still great! That whole album is great, from beginning to end. Earlier I listened to some cuts off of Slash's Snakepit, the solo project he had. I also enjoyed Velvet Revolver quite a bit, but it still wasn't Guns. I actually heard on K-Rock the other day that supposedly the Chinese Confederacy (Rose's long promised solo project.)

Check out the pick of Christina Ricci in the bikin, remember my earlier pic of her for hot chick of the day - pretty nice, right?

Hey, how bout them Red Sox. Winning 7-0 right now, with a healthy Beckett back in Rotation (he pitched fri. night, 80 pitches, got a win against Texas). The Rays lost already today, so if the Sox hang on for another inning, they are only 1 and 1/2 games back, with 6 more games against Tampa, 3 at home, 3 on the road. The Sox could win the division, and hold off playing the Angels until the Second round, unless they are upset by TB. Meanwhile, I believe the Sox can sweep the White Sox, the likely winner in the Central, and might be playing without their best hitter, Carlos Quentin, due to injury.

The Mets lost their second straight game to the Phillies, and now lead the NL East by just a game. Coming off last years implosion a repeat had to lead to blowing up the team.... right?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Third Day - Pet Peeve, Today's Hot Chick, and Today's Cool Song

I try to walk at least a few times each week, and my favorite route takes me about 4.5 miles, and it includes a pretty lengthy but gradual ascent. It's a good workout and I like putting on my Ipod and just allowing my mind to roll, but there is one thing that really annoys me - thus, Today's pet peeve.

- Assholes who run sprinklers to water their lawns ...... and allow the sprinkler to soak water onto and over the sidewalk! Hey asshole, you don't own the sidewalk. Why should every pedestrian that takes this path be inconvenienced? It's rude, selfish, downright obnoxious, and reveals a person who is clearly very self obsessed. Since they water their lawns and consider the area constituting their house is far beyond what's reasonable, I suggest we react appropriately, by "watering" their houses with whatever, or however, we deem appropriate.

The hot chick is Katherine Isabelle, the smokin hot actress from the Ginger Snaps series of movies (good fun werewolf flicks) and she also had a nice guest spot on the TV series Supernatural. (see pic )

Finally, the song of the day is The Step and the Walk, by The Duke Spirit - I love bands with a strong female lead singer, and this chicks voice is very cool, unique, and infectious. Special note to the importance of good radio, the new radio station 101.9 plays a nice mix of stuff, including new and less mainstream stuff, like this song. I hear it, loved it, and due to the beauty of Itunes, downloaded the song.. now I'll probably buy the album, and this is what Metallica never, ever got when they fought napster - allowing people to have tastes of your music will entice many to purchase the full product, but cracking down and alienating your fans (and prospective fans) will often drive them elsewhere, for good.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

2 Days in a Row

O.K. Peeps, what up. I haven't really commented much on the Sarah Palin debacle, because much like watching a train wreck, your mind sees it happening in slow motion when you attempt to play it back (the actually event is very quick, as one knows if you think of anytime you've seen an accident - yet our memory playback is unique to each individual, thus you have 4 eyewitnesses often not corroborating the details of each other's versions.

Anyway, Palin is a mess! I thought it was a bad pick initially, although I understood why McCain did it. I think he was desperate to prove himself a maverick, steal some momentum from Obama, coming on the heels of the DNC, and provide a younger face to provide balance. here's the problem, you want to provide balance, not a striking and stark visualization of just how old he really is when measured up against the VPCILF (Vice-Presidential Candidate I Would Like To... you know the rest.) - Bad call, McCain.

But worse yet is the revelation that her 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant and her baby daddy is a self professed red-neck (according to his now taken down myspace page) - hmm, maybe this somehow does help in red state (often gooberville) America.

The fact is that the family values candidate, and mother of 5, avid runner, perhaps should have taught her daughter that abstinence is admirable, but sex is pretty damn fun (hey, she does have 5 kids and is a former beauty queen, ) and sometimes if you succumb to the volcanic urges of passion that bubbles through the loins of young men and women.

This is no attack on the daughter, and in one of the photos I feel really bad for her, it almost seems like she is a character in some trashy tv show (the new Beverly Hills 90210, anyone) - and she knows she really needs to tell her mom soon about the bun in the oven, but now mom is so happy with that old white haired guy John - what to do, what to do?


Monday, September 01, 2008

Pathetic Evil Empire, A Movie Review, and Today's Hot Chick

In game check on the Yanks/Tigers - Yanks are in the process of coughing up an 11-2 lead, as they currently lead the game 11-8 in the 4th inning! How sweet, if they piss this one away, just like yesterday, and come one step closer to an off-season of oblivion.

I watched Curse of the Golden Flower yesterday and was pretty impressed. Starring Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li , and directed by Yimou Zhang, this was a movie filled with stunning visuals, lots of palace intrigue, and the figh scenes are epic and very well choreographed. At times I was a bit confused, especially regarding the relationship between the Emperor and his Empress (Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li) . The acting is top much, the cinematography is brilliant, and while I wouldn't put this on the must own list, it is definitely worth another watch.

Today's Hot Chick is MOntclair N.J.'s own Christina Ricci. I enjoyed her work as far back as her roles with Cher and Winona Ryder in Mermaids, her great Tuesday Addams in the Addams family, but her hot chick status was achieved in the terrific The Opposite of Sex. As the buxom, sassy and ultimately sexy as hell lead she definitely broke out and showed that she could carry an entire film. Although at times she has lost too much weight, thus lessening the impact of those bodacious ta-ta's and over emphasizing her somewhat triangle like head (ala Elaine on Seinfeld), I think Christina looks damned fine in both of the pics here.