Saturday, October 28, 2006

If a team wins the world series and no one cares, does it make a sound?

Well, to show how excited I was about the world series, I went to bed last night (Fri.) during the 8th inning, with St. Louis up 2 runs in the possible deciding game in the WS... and upon waking up today before 6 a.m., didn't bother to check who won until 30 minutes ago. This from a pretty big sports fan... St. Louis won, Ho Hum!

A bit of sports withdrawal for me now , with no major passion for NFL teams (I enjoy the games, but nothing gets me fired up). Well, except for my hatred for T.O. College football has RU, but that's really only once a week. No real college hoops, the NBA is an all but unwatchable league with far too many thugs (yeah, Stephen Jackson, I'm talking to you!) Seriously, what other sport needs the commissioner to pass down rules of conduct like how to dress and when to leave your gun at home. Oh, and if anyone thinks that the modern NBA guy isn't representative of a host of issues "hip hot mentality, urban fatherless upbringing, arrogance and a thug mentality, attached to an uneducated, surly, pampered athlete, they just haven't been paying attention." More on that later, as I came across an article recently that touches on an old argument I had with good friend, Dr. R.J. Barcelona.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's Been A While...

... since I last saw you... Here's the scene. Mr. green in back in town and I am on my beaten-up recliner, with Ozzy Osbourne in my ears via headphones, the wife watching Grey's Anatomy, (a pretty horrible show, to be honest.. very much for the chicks). Anyway, I of course find my eyes drawn to the tv, because my wife unfortunately has bad ears, and often uses the closed captioning while watching dvds. My sixteen pound orange cat named pumpkin is laying atop my right leg, and the red wine is causing the esphogeal problem I had surgery for to act up.. but wTF, the Mets are up 2-0 on the Cardinals in the 6th, in the first of 2 straight must win games for the metropolitans in order to earn a world series berth.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rutgers Rules!

R.U. on the road, a 2 pt. dog to Navy, (a service academy!) No respect for the boys from Rutgers. However, matched against Navy's triple option offense, have held the Midshipmen to zip in the first half, and Rutgers is now up 10-0 in the 3rd, and they are driving down the field. Sweet.

But not all is happy, becasue as I type this I am listening to the game on the internet. Because it isn't available on cable, unless you have digital cable and a sports package containing the College Sports TV station... I tried to watch it via streaming video on my laptop, but there was a problem because I do not have internet explorer installed, and I use Mozilla. I'm sure it could have been worked out but it was a hassle, and watching it on the laptop wasn't so complelling to entice me to expend an unusual amount of effort, especially on a sunny yet cold and breezy Sat afternoon. Isn't it pretty sad for Rutgers, the only big time football program in the State, the State Freaking university, ranked in the top 25 for the first time in decades, undefeated and facing a legitimate test against Navy, to not be availabe for me to watch. Certainly a channel like CN8 or MSG could give up a New Hampshire game for R.U.?

UPDATE ___ Rutgers up 17-0 and they just blocked their second straight punt, starting a first goal drive from the 8 yrd line! This should extend the streak and possibly even bump the team up in the standings. Next Week, Pitt, another huge test, and then a home game against a mediocre Conn. team. Could still set up the undefeated test at home on a Thur. night against Louisville!


Ah, the beauty of NetFlix, with the ability to rent a wide array of diverse movies, the likes of which your local Blockbuster doesn't carry. (Primarily based on supply and demand.. the moronic masses demand their next cinematic experience to be along the lines of Big Momma's House or White Chicks)... but NetFlix allows me to pull out an old gem like Pickup on South Street. Directed by filmmaker Samuel Fuller and starring the always great Richard Widmark, this oddly heartening film steals some of the trappings of noir put twists them, so that the female lead (Jean Peters) plays a goodhearted girl who's "been around" but still believes in the goodness in pickpocket Widmark. The movie is spare, at only 80 minutes running time, but that is one of the reason's I enjoy these older films; far less padding than in many of todays flicks. Highly recommended, but not a must see, by any means. If you're looking for pure noir, look elsewhere.

Capote was great. I read the accolades, hear from anyone who saw it, and can only confirm their opinion. Great story, superb acting (even by the smaller character roles, such as Bob Balaban as Capote's editor). Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener are a joy to watch, even in bleak roles. Watch it if you haven't already.

I already own the first 2 X-Men movies (hello, comic geek here!) I really wanted to like this movie, and I had low expectations going in. The level of expectation I carried in was very low, and sadly the film couldn't even hit that mark. Some nice moments with Beast, and an early scene with Mystique were entertaining, but I wouldn't even know where to begin in regards to the faults. Overstuffed with face but not developed characters, the removal of one of the best actors (Patrick Stewart) fairly early on) and some piss poof costume design (seriously, it looks like both Magneto and Juggernauts helmets were made out of paper mache'! It was watchable, and the Amazon price was good, but unless you are a geek who owns the first 2, give it a watch but don't bother buying. (I did stick with the basic DVD, not the one loaded with "Extras" and a comic... I have some restraint!

Back later with an update on the Rugers Football team's efforts to continue their undefeated run to start the season... and let's hope the Mets can rebound from last night's debacle. I've stuck up for Gritty/gutty Steve Traschel, so let's hope he proves me right tonight.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

End of the Evil Empire?

This is absolutely filling me with delight, as I seem to be watching the end of the Yankees season. After being completely shut down by Kenny "The Coward of the County", he of some of the all time worst playoff stats, they headed into todays game against the Tigers with their season on the line. Thank you A-Hole, whose next RBI in the playoffs will be his first in 12 games. I mean it, from the bottom of my Red Sox heart, thank you very much.

Currently the Yankees trail 4-0, and Jaret Wright is already gone... so the vagabond lineup of Steroid Cheaters (Giambi) Douchebags (Johnson), prickly standoffish robots (Mussina), malcontents (Sheffield), obnoxious hot-heads (Posada) or prima donna overtalended, underperforming A-Hole... Sweet


8-0 Detroit Tigers lead evil empire, 7th inning!!!!!

Evil Empire $198,662,180 Vs. $82,302,069. Hell, A-Hole, Giambi, Mussina and Jeter earn 84 mil!!!