Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm Not Worried

I know fans of the evil empire are excited today as their team creeps within a half game of the beloved Boston Red Sox for the lead in the AL east, but I'm not worried. I have said all season that both the Yankees and the BoSox are flawed teams, nowhere near as effective and dangerous as a few years ago. I don't believe either team is good enough to really seperate itself from the other. As long as the Red Sox stay within 4 or 5 games prior to the remaining series between the 2 I will feel fine. The small silver lining in the Yanks sweep of the Chicago White Sox is the narrowing of the difference between Boston and Chicago, thus improving the odds of a possible wild card berth out of the AL East.

However, I am worried about the long term prospects if the Red Sox have to keep trotting out guys like Kyle Snyder and his 10.03 ERA... the Sox basically have 3 starters; Schilling is the horse, the ace. Beckett is the kid, but erraticly talented, and Wakefield is the veteran with a knuckler that no one knows what is going to happen. After than Snyder and Lester... not a recipe for long term success.


Da Old Man said...

It is a recipe for short term disaster, though.

savvy said...

That is very true, evil Yankee fan.