Friday, July 14, 2006

Mr.Green Jeansz is throwing me off my game

So I have been less productguve, and my spelling is suffeirng here. I blame it on that damned Mr. Green (jeans). This is a pretty big weekend. The last Savapalooza at my parents house. Their last weekend in NJ, before making a move to North Carolina for retirment. I think this a good move for them, but it is huge after over 32 yrs. That's a hell of a long time.

it's only 2 damnd days after the all star break and the REd Sox lead in the AL East has Been cut in half. The Yankees won a tough game tonight, and the Red Sox have dropped 2 straight to Oakland, a team that looks like it might be gearing for it's annual second half run to the playoffs. The Sox really need to make a move for a starting pitcher, because Becket,Schilling, and Wakefield are the big 3, and Beckett is too inconsistent to have so much resting on the shoulders of these 3. Lester has been a nice surp;rise, but he is an unknown for the long haul, and Wells and Clement don't seem anywhere near returning. I suspect this division is going to go down to the last few weeks of the season, including that 5 game series at Yankees stadium.



Cryde said...

Love when that Mr. Green infiltrates a party and renders people to mush! Write again tonight, buddy, because that lead is now only 1/2 a game. Yankees starters are becoming more consistent than the Sox. Look out!

Da Old Man said...

Update. Red Sox and the Yankees are tied in the loss column.

As predicted at Savapalooza.

It's over.

Thhhheyuuhhh Yankes win, the Yankees win.

The Yankees will win the division by at least 3 games. Boston will be watching the playoffs from their couches at home.