Sunday, July 02, 2006

Don't look now, but the Red Sox have won 50 games and it isn't even the numberical halfway pt of the season. 50-29 doubles to 100-58. That leaves 4 games to play with. Furthering the chances that this years team wins 100 games.. I then see them playing the wild card from the al central, winning and beating the central winner in 7 games, ending with a 6 game win in the World Series.

Yanks lost tonight and they fall 5 games back.



Nikolai94 said...

Win 50 now and watch in the post-season. See if Schilling can still gut out wins like he did when he was running aroiund the country gathering votes for W. Maybe you'll even get another miracle run from Beckett, if he isn't sidelined by blisters for the 1,000th time. The difference is, I know that my team isn't going anywhere. I just wish that a batter would hit a screaming line drive into Randy Johnson's face, killing him, and relieveing the Yankees from wasting $16 million on him next year.

savvy said...

Good points.. hell, right now it seems that Mr. PC himself, Ozzy Guillen, has the White Sox headed to another world series.

Da Old Man said...

Lot of baseball left, my friend. Cano will be back soon, and Sheff may be in the OF instead of the rookie of the week. I heard that Jose Canseco has developed a knuckleball and is pitching for the Surf Dawgs. Is his old uniform still in the clubhouse?