Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stop Playing Politics

Say it ain't so, Joe! I understand your desire to please your master, Mr. Norcross. Sure, your posturing makes you feel good. However, you just do not get it... Gov. Corzine is attempting something nearly unheard of in our state... Responsible Finances. I understand you may not remember those policies, since they haven't been used in our state for such a long time, and certainly during these plague years of the Bush regime, but try it, maybe you'll like it. I know the people of NJ, especially the many who are unable to earn a living thanks to you, would like it. By the way, why did your committee sit on the budget proposal for over 100 days, and now on day 107 you finally may have a legitimate counterproposal...


Eliza said...

Savvy!! What UP! When are you going to run for some kindof office?

My friend Andrew Nash is running an Impeach Bush office on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. He's a real green/left guy but ironically he is trying to model his office after McDonald's, the way they organize

Nikolai94 said...

Savvy, you are right. While I may not be as eloquent as you, I would be interested to see you thoughts on my most recent post on the Democratic party.