Thursday, July 20, 2006

Movie Review: Strangers With Candy

The wife and I went to see the big screen version of one of our favorite tv shows, Strangers With Candy. The movie was entertaining but certainly not a keeper. It does not fall into the category of must buy, which for us is the true test of a quality flick... will we want to own it and rewatch it multiple times. Strangers With Candy was a movie for the fans; it offers a rewarding sampling of what we enjoyed about the show. However, the difficulty with taking sit com style shows, and trying to transfer what works in the 22 minutes of screen time to longer (in this case, 87 minutes) often feels stretched.

Tomorrows agenda includes watching A Scanner Darkly, with my buddy Sal and our bud greenl!

As a side note, here is a list of some of our favorite quirky, odd tv shows we have enjoyed over the years. I'm looking here for offbeat humor, culty shows that often haven't lasted, or ones that have with small but vocal fan followings.
(No particular order)

South Park
Greg The Bunny (we have the full series on dVD)
Strangers With Candy (We have full series on DVD)
Family Guy
American Dad
That 70's Show


Cryde said...

Never heard of it. When was it on and what is it about?

savvy said...

The show was on comedy central a few years back. The premise is that Jeri Blank, a 46 year old "user, boozer, and 2 time loser" returns home to live with her comatose father, evil stepmother, and horrid stepbrother. Jeri dropped out of high school and has returned to pick up where she left off, to finish high school. The premise is, of course, absurd, and basically sets the stage for weekly "lessons", ala an afterschool special. However, in line with other comedy central shows, it's completely non pc, making fun of everything from disabled people to racial stereotypes, drugs, etc. Damned funny if you like your comedy dark. One of the teachers on the show, and a cocreator/writer is Stephen Colbert, from the Daily Show and now the Colbert Report.

Cryde said...

Wow. Is it like that great show where the two older women go back to college and the viewer gets to watch their "hi-jinks?"

Da Old Man said...

cryde, that's just wrong.

Just saw an episode of Greg the Bunny on IFC today.
It might not be on the DVD.
It was called Sleazy Rider.

savvy said...

No, sarcastic CryDawg, it's not!!!