Monday, July 24, 2006

I Miss Thora!

I am sitting here this morning in my beaten up (yet oh so comfy) hand me down recliner, laptop sitting on my..., well, lap. The Mighty pump lays against my leg, and I was wondering what to blog about this a.m., and as I looked at the shelves of movies I noticed our copy of American Beauty.

That made me wonder, where the hell has Thora Birch been. I remember when I first saw American Beauty, and everyone oohed and aahed over Mena Suvari, the teenage object of desire for Kevin Spacey. For me, there was no comparison to Thora. (I am partial to brunettes.) I also remembered her in Ghost World (alongside Scarlett Johanssen... hmmm, now would I like to be the filling in that sandwich.)

Anyway, check out the link to see what Thora has coming up.


Da Old Man said...

Be careful of posting Pump's pictures. Kitty porn is illegal.

Goldfish Girl said...

nice blog, I likey!

savvy said...

Thanks, goldfish girl!

Anonymous said...

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