Monday, July 10, 2006

Back from the Weekend

Hello All... sorry I haven't checked in since Thursday. I attended the weekend wedding in Saratoga, NY of my high school buddy Faulk. I was in the wedding party and definitely have found that weekends like that are far more difficult than back in the day... which of course makes sense, but still sucks!

I approached the weekend aware of my limits yet also cognizant of my desire to rage. I took the following approach. I met up with the wedding party on Friday night at the chapel. My wife and I were the first to arrive, finding the church vacant when we entered. The groom eventually arrived after a full day: 18 holes of golf, followed by a lengthy 19th hole. Mr. Green was heavily involved throughout the weekend, and Friday was no different for the groom. Basically, by the time we hit the rehearsal dinner (and it's open bar!), I knew I had to hit it hard to get into the game. I had 3 Sam Adamns at first, but realized my need for food would lead to a bloated stomach if I kept drinking beer. The switch to gin and tonic was on... well, things could have gotten terribly ugly from there, but luckily they did not.

Part II tomorrow, beginning with a shaky, hung over beast.


Cryde said...

We must face the fact that we can't run with the big boys anymore! So stay within your new limit and it is just as fun! Otherwise-well, things just get ugly! And hangovers are bullshit best avoided!

savvy said...

Amen to that, brother.... nothing like a flight through horrific weather from Savannah to the East with a raging hangover to provide a powerful moment of clarity, eh?