Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Quick post this a.m.

The Good - Red Sox still best team in baseball, 574 days left of the Bush regime, the 200 million dollar N.Y. Yankees are below .500, 10 games behind the Red Sox.

The Bad - Sox lost last night, Rod "Shooter" Beck was found dead in his home 2 days ago

The Ugly - 40 year old WWE wrestler Chris Benoit found dead in his home yesterday, along with his wife and son. Early speculation seems to suggest the possibility of a murder- suicide.

It really has to make you wonder about the WWE - I'm a very peripheral fan, and off the top of my head I can name the death of Eddie Guerrero, Miss Elizabeth and Benoit. (All young) There is the arrest of Ric Flair, Scotty Too Hottie, and Steve Austin (for spousal abuse) - and this is literally of the top of my head, early in the a.m. - Just Sad

Friday, June 22, 2007

Almost 2 Weeks

It's been almost 2 weeks since i posted, and the last post was an shout out to the Yankees, who finally seemed to be playing like the 200 million dollar + team they have. They shaved 7 games off the Red Sox 14 1/2 game lead in 17 days and some of the deluded Yankee fans I know began to get as excited as Susan Waldman having an erotic dream about Roger Clemens

Susan " Oh Roger, keep rocketing in in there... Oh My Gawd, Roger!!!"

Well guess what Susan, Mr. Sterling, and assorted Yankee sycophants; you just got swept by the Colorado Rockies, you are a loss away from dropping below .5oo, in the 71st game of the year! Still early, huh, even though it's nearly the half way point. Meanwhile the intrepid heroes of Beantown have overcome the missed starts by Beckett and the placement of Schilling on the DL and have pushed their lead back to 10 1/2.

Check in later for some movie reviews, which I will also be posting on Thehipsterdufus .com.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

So it Begins

I think it's safe to say the Yankees are putting their problems behind them and now will being playing the way we all expected. (This is coming from a Yankee hater, so I hate writing this, but I knew it was only a matter of time.) - Yanks have won 4 in a row, their starters have looked good, Roger starts today, Mo is back, the hitting has come around, etc. - This is when I really begin to appreciate the 10 game lead the Sox have put together. Sox have a slipped a bit of late, losing the series to the Yanks, and almost getting swept by the Oakland A's. - enter Schilling. Schilling isn't the kind of guy, especially at this age, who will give you a monster regular season. However, I still love him in big spots. The Sox had lost 4 straight, and I have watched enough baseball to know these things can spiral, which is why Schill's complete game, 1 hit gem to deliver a 1-0 victory and a stop to the slide was so important. The team seemed to feed of that, and last night Beckett came out to improve on his perfect record to go 9-0 now, and even J.D. Drew showed glimplses of what he can do, with 7 RBIs, 2 HR.

The season can now truly begin, evil empire fans. Your mercenary is back in the fold (Roger "I love myself" Clemens starts today.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Been Away

I've been away from the blog for a few days; unfortunately my uncle Charlie died on Sunday night. He was 71 and has dealt with poor health for most of his adult life; a very small sampling of some of his ailments are as follows: terrible skin rashes and irritations since childhood, triple bypass surgery for his heart, back problems, a painful dropped foot, throat cancer, leading to surgery that removed his taste buds and killed his ability to taste food, chemotherapy that left him unable to produce saliva on his own, leaving him unable to enjoy food and requiring him to constantly have water with him.... and this is truly the tip of the iceberg. He lived to be 71 and would have celebrated his 45th year as an ordained priest this week.! - It was tough for my mother, but she appreciated the presence of my father (of course) myself and my wife the last couple of days. (The folks moved to North Carolina last year, so this weeks trip was planned as a fun time; unfortunately this situation developed. -

R.I.P. - Father Charles McLaughlin


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Karma is a Bitch!!!

Karma sure is a bitch, huh Dougie? Remember when you were a douchebag about returning that ball from the last out in the 2004 World Series? - You had to be pushed for over a year before you returned it to the Hall of Fame. - I sure did, and I laughed while you lay on the ground yesterday. - Hey Posada, remember how you used to get so worked up when Pedro threw inside? You were always in the middle of the shit? - Yet Friday, you were there telling the reporters after the game (and Kevin Youkoulis during) that the inside headhunting ball by baby faced Yankee asshole Scottie P was simply an accident.- Yeah right? Well guess what? - Mike Lowell showed you that winning teams don't start cheap shit (yelling during pop ups, A-Hole), they finish it. Oh, and they also lead by 13 1/2 games.

One last question, evil fans. "Where is Roger?" - Oh, that's right, he has a fatigued groin. WTF. He hasn't even made a start yet and he has a fatigued groin? - Nice investment there, Cashman. How much you spending on Rocket Man and Igawa? - I can't hear you.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Contact Info


Figured I would throw out the URL to my myspace acct. - I rarely used to go there, but have found it to be a convenient way to stay intouch with some people outside of my normal circle.


"I don't know karate, I know Karazy" - James Brown, from The Payback

So I'm a little torn regarding my feelings towards how the evil empire should be approached today. After Scotty "i can't get anyone out so I will just try to take em out... permanently" tried to kill Kevin Youkilis yesterday, I want to see reitribution. I distinctly remember the 2004 season when Varitek finally enough of this Yankee B.S. and smacked A-Rod upside the head, effectively saying "enough is enough". - (Above is Dumbo Posada trying to sell the classic Yankee crap, "oh, that was just a mistake..." FU, Dumbo, whenever Pedro came inside on people you went apeshit. Yankee credibility is a very slight notch above the Bush regimes.

Today old warhorse Schilling takes the mound, and a huge part of me wants to see an inside brain splatterer take down someone like A-Hole or Dumbo, but I also don't want the evil empire to be provided with the impetus to reach deep into their evil psyches and pull out the power of the dark side to go on a run. Remember, the Red Sox are 12 1/2 games up, the empire is 6 behind in the wild card (behind 7 teams). The Sox are the pursued, and I really don't need to see anymore of our players injured (Empire already took down Lowell and tried to kill Youk, if I haven't already mentioned that.)

Best suggestion - build up a lead, bring in someone from the Pen, and then hammer some scumbag Yankee. - My Yankee buddies can vouch for me; I don't believe in trying to hurt any player. Pitching inside is an art, and I feel the empire has been lax in pitching inside. however, going for the head is unacceptable (although it really is the yankee way, remember Roger?) - I haven't seen Torre's explanation yet, but I'm sure he'll shovel some bs and say it was an accident. Right. - I also told my good buddy and Yankee fan that I would be upset if the Yanks took this approach, a cheapshot answer to their frustrations. he agreed, and now here we are.

If only Jon Lester were back now the BoSox could send in wild man Julian Tavarez and tell him to try to kill someone - he would gladly do it, and I would applaud the whole way. For anyone who calls me inconsistent, I say this: I would not advocate violence as a solution to problems, but if someone threatens me or those close to me then self defense enters the pic - what happened yesterday has to be addressed. tit for tat, and then the games can continue.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Classless Evil Empire - a.k.a. Business as usual

So the Evil Empire reminds me why I hate them so much, with their typical bullshit that they pull tonight. They trail tour heroes, the Red Sox by over 13 games and are playing well tonight, winning handily 9-3, on their way to ta modest 2 game winning streak, and then in true cowardly Yankee fashion, Scott Proctor tries to end Kevin Youkoulis' career with a 94 mile an hour fastball at his head. It amazed me that even Yankee Shill Mike Kay was disgusted, calling what Proctor did just wrong. Of course, Kay also breathlessly drooled over the return of beloved hero Roger Clemens, the man who tried to kill Mike Piazza. Just another example of a classless 200 million dollar team that tries to project this image of the all american team, and yet they have Stray Rod slutting around with whores, slapping at pitchers arms (Bronson Arroyo), yelling as they run the base paths, roiding up, punching photographers in the face (Randy Johnson), or generally being an all around douchebag (Dumbo Posada and guys like Gary Sheffield) - This team represents what is wrong with America, overpaid overentitled classless scumbags disregarding basic human goodness and arrogantly proclaiming it their right!