Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why the Sox didn't sign Pedro

There are a lot of things the Boston Red Sox organization did wrong after winning the 2004 World Series, and I've commented on much of it before (this years debacle shined a glaring light on their lack of pitching and offensive production from center field, production that old Friend Johnny Damon is now providing for the evil empire)... but I never had a problem with not signing Pedro... Don't get me wrong, I love Pedro. The sight of old fool Don Zimmer charging Pedro and winding up on his fat ass is one of my favorites, as is Pedro pointing at Jorge "Dumbo" Posada and letting him know, hey bitch, I am in your head. The truth, however, was even in the WS year, Pedro had become a 100 pitch, 6 or 7 inning guy. A little dude with a ton of miles, it would have been foolish to risk 4 million and 52 million on him. I told people when he was signed it will be a good deal in year 1 and 2, but after that all bets are off... turns out I overestimated Pedro, since he only got 9 wins for the Mets this year (after last year's 15) and now, completely out of nowhere with no mention, it's announced Pedro needs rotator cuff surgery, in addition to both calves being strained/weakened/whatever. Sadly, the thought of Pedro rehabbing the shoulder and returning to form is very unlikely... so congrats, Theo, you got 1 right!

I still hope the Mets do well, anhyone but the evil empire!


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Da Old Man said...

Papelbon is starting next year. Team may be better and resume thier role as second best team in the AL East.

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