Thursday, September 14, 2006

Movie Review: Brick

Recently watched this oddly entertaining flic, a hybrid of high school movies and raw film noir. I wanted to enjoy the movie but found myself getting frustrated in the early parts of the film. It seemed so far fetched to see these high school age kids inhabiting the roles of hard boiled characters in a 40's pulp novel. After a few more minutes I realized I was preventing myself from enjoying. The rules of noir were played fairly, no one could be trusted, the hero takes a beating the equivalent of Ralph Meeker's in Kiss me Deadly

By the end I found myself more confused than ever , but this is traditioinal for a good film noir. The reality is I was entertained thoroughly and found some younger stars I look forward to seeing, including one actress who will be on the upcoming NBC Series Heroes. I think it starts next Monday at 9 PM.

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