Friday, September 29, 2006

Just Call me Hunter

So now Rutgers, 23rd ranked team in the country, Rutgers the 4-0 Big East Football team begins their conference schedule on the road at South Fla. Some freshman phenom qb for South Fla is playing great, but Rutgers has received another stellar game from Ray Rice, they've utilized Leonard more this week (finally), Teel has been decent, and the defense has turned it up in the second half. Now with under 2 minutes remaining, after a Blocked fg by South Fla against RU, (although there was no block on the 53! yarder by Ito earlier.

By the way, the title refers to the immortal Hunter S. Thompson, fan and critic of sports, drugs, and politics. A potent brew, to be sure, but never boring either. And he remained very prolific, despite whatever he put himself through.

OMG... RU up 8 with South Fla. getting a pass interference call their way with 34 secs left... Shit, TD south Fla.. no, called off due to holding (Whew!)

Mrs. Savvy mentions she feels bad about Trixie, (our new bundle of joyous feline energy)... because Trix is tormenting our grown up cat, Pumkin. A little late, Perhaps?! (Just kidding, honey)

Shit, South Fla scored a TD, 15 secs left, they need the 2 pt conversion to tie... shitttttt... 2 pt conversion pass.... broken up!!!!! Just need to recover the onside kick now and RU goes 5-0, with a legit shot at going 8-0 before returning home for Conn and then Louisville.

Rutgers Wins! Nice, 5-0, Bring on Navy.

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