Monday, September 25, 2006

Hereoes Rocks! Believe the Hype

Wow! What a great f**king opener. I, of course, am a comic book geek, so I wanted to watch the show and like it, but I use my wife, beautiful and taseteful Mrs. Savvy, also loved the show. An extremely well told narrative, utilizing fun, creative tricks that really appeal to the comic book fan, but also someone who enjoys something a bit different. It does follow some of the flavor of the year style of storytelling, piggybacking off of Lost, by introducing characters and then showing there is a link between them, part of a grander scene. (Think novels like Stephen King's the stand, or It.)

Anyway, the show was great... riveting, well acted, involving, I'm hooked, and I highly recommend anyone who missed it to catch the encore tomoroow on NBC (check your local listings) or probably on the internet.

Now watching the new Aaron Sorkin show , Studio, and I have to say, Monday night is shaping up to be a solid TV night, replacing my old staple of flipping between wrestling and football. (That's probably a good thing, for a mid 30's dude).

Later, dudes


Da Old Man said...

Good to see you blogging again.

I'll check out Heroes tonight.

Phoenix said...

I spent a month waiting for the show, only to have missed it. Caught the repeat. Interesting. I like it, I think I will have to wait for more episodes.

Made me wonder why only one hero character was from another country. Don't they heroes in other parts of the world? Or is it just NYC.

But in either case...looking forward to next week.

If I could choose a superpower, I wouldn't mind being able to teleport. Would come in handy when stuck in traffic. ;)