Wednesday, September 13, 2006

DVD Review-Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season II)

I never got caught up in the Buffy series while it was originally on, but always had a bit of an interest in the show. The beauty of DVD is the opportunity that series box sets provides to catch up on shows like this; quality long running narratives that allow the characters to develop and grow while providing a fun backdrop of vampires, werewolves, and ghoulish evil to constantly be preparing to battle. I recently finished season 2 and eagerly await the next in the series. The nice part of DVD is I do not have to wait until next season, and because the episodes I'm watching are almost a decade old, there isn't anyone spoiling the surprises.

I have found myself strongly won over by 2 of the supporting characters on the show, the villainous Spike and the kind and pure Willow (although something happened in the finale that leads me to believe Willow is in for some major challenges of her own over the next season.)

I am currently also catching up with Battlestar Galactica, season 1, a SCI-FI show so well done that both Mrs. Savvy and i eagerly watch it together.

Upcoming shows I would like to eventually get to: La Femme Nikita, Alias, Prison Break ... plus 6 more seasons of Buffy and entire second season of Battlestar Galactica!


Woody said...

Add Nip/Tuck to the list. Also Brotherhood when it comes out.

savvy said...

I suspect Nip/Tuck is on the secondary list of shows to catch up with. This list includes Lost, Supernatural (although I may try to catch up on that prior to the new season, or at least before the new season goes too far) Also remaining is the majority of this past season's Rescue Me, which Mrs. Savvy couldn't stay up late for and the whole taping for VHS fell apart.