Friday, September 15, 2006

I Feel Safer Now

So police busted 2 brothers who were growing marijuana in a plot of land near Rt. 280. 182 Plants off the street. Spokesman Det. Sgt. Dennis Donovan of the New Jersey State Police's Marijuana Eradication Unit was quoted in the NJ Star Ledger. WTF! A Marijuana Eradication Unit? So in a state that had a shutdown due to budgetary problems, and state and local govt. employees (including teachers, human service workers who treat and help citizens with disabilities, the aged, and children) are taking a daily beating in the press for supposed "cadillac benefits", a state that has failed to fund it's pension plan for these workers (in blatant disregard of contractual obligations)... this same state can fund a Marijuana Eradication Unit?)

I picture a room full of burly, mustached men, men of moderate intelligence and souls full of hypocrisy who monthly sit down and watch some of the old school Anti Drug Propaganda films, like Reefer Madness.

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Da Old Man said...

You trying to say that Reefer Madness isn't an appropriate training film for these guys?