Saturday, September 23, 2006


Welcome to the first full day of fall, my favorite time of the year. I would probably have to go with summer as my favorite season during my childhood, for obvious reasons. (Summer as a kid meant full days of riding bikes, playing with friends, day after seemingly endless day of fun... then summer jobs started when I was 13, but that was still okay. I worked less than I went to school, and had extra spending money in my pocket. It was only upon entering the "real world", when working full time means an ever repeating cycle of work (one reason I envy teachers is the opportunity they have to start anew each fall, after stepping away from students for a few months. Imagine if other jobs had something built in for that? You could step away in June from your job, maybe do something else for a few months, and then return, refreshed?)

Now I enjoy the cooler temps, playoff baseball (alas, not for the Sox this year), football, and hell, my wifes birthday coincides with the first day of fall, it doesn't get much better than that)

So now Rutgers goes for it's 4th straight win (against div. I-AA Howard) followed by a game on the road next week against South Fla. I've been burned by RU before, but this years team somehow seems different, and it is very conceivable they will head into the bye week 5-0, with games against Navy & Pittsburgh on the road followed by a home game with Connecticut. It is conceivable Rutgers will be 8-0 going into a showdown at home with Louisville, and even if they lost to Louisville and West Va, I can imagine a 10-2 record (really 9-2, since 1-AA teams don't count in the W-L). That should get a pretty solid bowl, and maybe even a major road trip, if the troops can be rallied. What say you, Salamander, Woodman, Nickster, Barce, and TryDawg?

Man this show if great. Mrs. Beast and I are on a mission - watch 21 more episodes before the new ones begin on Oct. 6. Thats 7 discs in 13 days, very doable. We knocked out 3 episodes last night and the only think holding us back now is the arrival of more episodes from NetFlix.

Big plans tonight with the crew, dinner out to celebrate mrs. beasts b-day.


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dartcoder said...

Hey Kev... it's Ian (&Eliza&Eloise) from Oakland. Battlestar Galactica rocks bigtime, indeed... this is also good if you ain't seen it yet.

take it easy..