Monday, September 11, 2006

Where the hell have I been?

Ok, Ok, I haven't been here in a while. My Bud Greenie has been in town again and I have reached that generalized state of mellow, man. However, this is no excuse to pass up on my responsibility to you, my loyal readers, and to myself. So here are some quick hits.

Rutgers kicks the crap out Illinois, the team that came back on RU last year to ruin the season opener, as Rutgers blew a 20 pt lead. 2 years ago, Rutgers followed up a win at Mich State in the season opener with a loss to division I-AA New Hampshire ( I remember because it was the first year that the boys annual Rutgers trip began, a trip which continues this weekend. Rutgers is now 2-0, with a real chance to finish out the month unbeaten (and 5-0 !). Still not sure if we will even make the game this year (we didn't last year but still had a blast).

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