Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What to say

I can not handle heat like this... really. I didn't work today, using a sick day, because I really did not want to leave the house. I was up early and the heat index was already 95, at 7 in the morning! I shot out and dropped off some drycleaning and a Netflix movie I was sending back. Stopped for a Taylor Ham/Egg/Cheese sandwich (hey, it is Jersey, ya know). Spent the majority of the day in my air conditioned bedroom or air conditioned attic. Read, drank coffee, surfed, watched movies.

Rewatched Fargo... movie review to come tomorrow.

Now I sit, deliberating if I should also take tomorrow off. I really hate this heat. I went out a second time today, primarily because my desire for food overwhelmed my desire to avoid heat. Plus the chance to eat it in an air conditioned diner... so after some coffee, salad, lemon chicken soup (tasty!) and Chicken Florentine on a bed of rice, I skipped the desert and headed back home...

It also may bear mentioning Alan Green span has beenb visiting as well, although it's almost too hot to hang out with him. Almost.


Too lazy to post a pic, sorry.. will do better when the heat breaks.. have I mentioned how much I hate it?

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Woody said...

it's too hot to call me back!! I'm hurt.