Monday, August 14, 2006

It's a Looooong Season

I haven't mentioned the boys from beantown in a few days because, well, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. The week of Aug. 4-Aug. 10 was absolutely atrocious for the Sox, a 1-5 week against some of the worst MLB has to offer. that's the beauty of baseball. 162 games. A season running from April, when it's still cold and you still have snow in many parts of the country, to Oct. (or even November, remember Yankee fans ?) A rough 10 game stretch equals 1/16 of the season. Think about that. 10 games equals one NFL game.

This is why you don't panic and become reactionary like the yahoos who call talk radio stations, whether it be in NY or Boston or Chicago. This is why I sometimes feel a small, very small, amount of sympathy for A-hole. Many unreasonable fans make their decisions based on a pitch to pitch basis, and that is no way to view a 162 game season.

So now, after a very ugly sweep against the Orioles (hey, a win is a win is a win, right?) the schedule gets tough. First up is 3 with Detroit and their best record in the A.L. and then 5 with the Yankees, a brutal series with a doubleheader on Friday followed by a day game Sat and then a slight rest until the Sunday night/Mon. afternoon game. This will test both teams bullpens and it is the time of season when people start stepping up, sometimes unexpectedly.

I attended the horrible loss to the Evil Empire in the Pedro pitched, Grady Little mismanaged game in the ALCS a few years back, and as the game went on and my buddy Woodman the Yankee fan (hey, he took me to the game, so cut him some slack) and I began to feel very strongly the hero would be someone unexpected. can you say Aaron Fucking Boone? -


Da Old Man said...

Aaron Fucking Boone?

Isn't he Bucky Fucking Dent's cousin?

Woody said...

You just made the argument for me why the Yanks will win the East. It's a long season. Anything can happen for a short period of time, but over 162 games, the cream rises to the top. And you can't say the Yanks aren't a better team than the BoSux.

Da Old Man said...

Ok, here's the situation as of right now.

Yankees lead by 3.

5 game series coming up.

As long as the Bosux don't blow another one to the Tigers, Yankees only have to win 2 of 5 to still maintain a multi-game lead.

If Bosux go 3-2 against Yankees, they will pretty much be out of wild card race, also.

I love it when a plan comes together.

(Sorry, I've been watching a lot of A Team on TV Land lately)