Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'M Back

Okay, everyone I'm back off the ledge. The Sox season is officially over, as far as I'm concerned. In my opinion, the season was officially over on Aug. 26th. David Wells had just given the Sox 7 strong innings against the Seattle Mariners. 2 Earned runs, and after Mike Lowells hit gave the Sox the lead, things were looking good. Mike Timlin, the normally trusty veteran entered the game in the 8th, providing the bridge until Papelbon takes over in the 8th... and promptly blew up. The Yankees had lost earlier that day, so a win would have pulled the Sox within 5 games, which considering how they had been playing was amazing. The season was over, and as of today, the Red Sox have a losing record against the A.L., and only their 16-2 record against the N.L. prevents them having a truly awful record. So the challenge for Theo in the offseason is to find the pieces to fill in around Schilling, Ortiz, Manny, and Papelbon to make them a playoff team again. The joy of 2004 is gone, the Theo has received 2 honeymoon seasons. He blew up the team in 2005 but they still made the playoffs and lost to eventual world series champion White Sox. This year is abysmal.

Okay, now that's over, and don't expect a lot more Red sox posts. Later today, a movie review of a surprisingly good Sci-Fi Flick, Aeon Flux.


Woody said...

Thanks for the heads up on Aeon Flux. I'll watch it this week On Demand.

As for the Sox season being over, in my honest opinion, it ended when Jeter hit the two strike, two out bloop single against Papelbon to tie Game 4 of the 5 game set. You win that game and then Game 5 is a whole different scenario and you could have gone 2-3 and only lost one game to the Yanks, instead of 0-5.

Oh, and Big Papi just lost the MVP as well. Go Jeter!

See you next season....BadSux

Woody said...
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Nikolai94 said...

Don't count on building around Schilling, he might just be done. You better hope that Beckett is finally able to realize his true potential over a full season, for the first time. I would also like to see Papelbon do the job for another full season, remember how good Foulke was at one time? A lot of questions with the Sox, and we'll see how Theo answers those questions. BTW doesn't he get another 84 years before he's on the hotseat again?