Friday, August 18, 2006

Heroes and Villians

So game 1 went as expected, with the evil empire and their ginormous salaries, monstrous egos, and arrogance won, effectively putting arguably their best pitcher this year against the 5th starter for the Sox. Big game tonight, since a win resets the table for a 3 game series in which the Sox start Schilling, Beckett and Wells; possibly the threesome they will have to count on in the playoffs.

Quick question to the Yankee lovers... why do you hate the Red Sox? It's obvious why I hate the Yankees; they have an unfair advantage over every other team in baseball, so I would hate them no matter what team I root for. Inviting a 200 lb bully to beat up on a bunch of other guys in 1 on 1 competitions in which they outweigh everyone else by a minimum of 80 lbs, (and most teams far more than that.) So I understand fans of this rigged league supporting their team, it's easy. But why the hatred for the less well equipped teams in baseball? Remember this. The next championship the Yankees win on a level playing field will be their first, while the Red Sox won that 2004 series as economic underdogs.

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Da Old Man said...

Why do I hate the Bosux?

Start with them playing in a friggin' little league field.
Who designed that park, Stevie Wonder?

Next, move on to that friggin accent their fans and sportswriters have. I watched Boston Tonight and listened to the whining writers, and thought I was going to puke.
Not only do the sports guys suck, but they can't say Fenway Park.

It's not Pahk.

There's a friggin' "R" in the word.