Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's (Almost) Over

Thank you, Mr. Theo Epstein, for sending my beloved Red sox into battle with almost no quality pitching against the Yankee offensive juggernaut. Repeat this next year and you can join old friend Dan Duquette, who once said that Roger Clemens was on the downside of his career and therefore not worth signing to a new contract. This was 3 teams, 1 world series, and 5 CY Youngs ago!

Simple equation. Red Sox have to win the next two games or the A.L. East is done. 2 wins and the horror show of the last 2 days means relatively little, because the Yanks will leave town up 2 1/2 games, with 4 more games between the two teams. Lose and the Sox have to struggle for the wild card, which doesn't seem likely. I believe in Schilling, (which is why he isn't even pictured), but Wells has to be vintage Wells to pull this thing off.

Is it any wonder I drank so much last night I have a hangover today?


Da Old Man said...

I went to bed early last night. Just incase you did too, I'll C&P this for you from ESPN MLB site.

HR: J Giambi 2 (36, 4th inning off C Schilling 2 on, 0 Out; 10th inning off C Hansen 0 on, 0 Out); J Posada (16, 10th inning off C Hansen 1 on, 1 Out)

Is the lead now 5 1\2?

Or do you prefer being 4 behind the White Sox? And only 3 behind the Twins?

Woody said...

Well, if you drank too much on Saturday, I hate to think about what happened to you on Sunday (or, Monday at 1am). Francona got a little greedy and tried to use Pappelbon for only one inning and therefore sent Timlin and Lopez in. A hit, a walk, and a hit batter later, Pappelbon is still forced to pitch two full innings...nice bullpen. In a must win like that, you don't worry about possibly needing Pappelbon for a 1pm game the next day - you go for the win. Stupid move. Not leaving Pedro in for the 8th in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS stupid, but still stupid. At least we know Pappelbon is human - his ERA is now 1!!!

And how bold for Mo to intentionally walk Manny and Youkillis? Smart because he got away with it. Stupid if he wouldn't have.

If the BoSux don't win today, mail it in. I won't if they win today, but a loss - bye, bye, Sux. We'll see you next year.

Woody said...

Wells was better than Vintage Wells. Unfortunately, you ran into the second-half force that is Cory Lidle (seriously, he is 33-17 in the second half for his career including today).

Good night Sux. Enjoy the wild card struggle (and I hope you get it because I'd rather play Oakland in the first round and either you or Detroit in the second round than play either the White Sox or the Twins in the first round).

And by the way, Sav, you guys had more payroll on the field today than we did.

Da Old Man said...

And by the way, Sav, you guys had more payroll on the field today than we did.

So that must mean the Bosux won?

You mean that they have to play the game, not just throw their wallets on the field?

Woody said...


You will like this link: