Thursday, August 03, 2006

Better Lucky than Good

Thanks to Fausto Carmona (pictured) blowing up again, the Red Sox keep pace with the Yankees and take over sole possession of first place in the wild card race. Things are looking kind of shaky right now for the BoSox, with "the captain" Jason Varitek having knee surgery, the very iffy performance of David Wells on Monday night, the continued absence of Matt Clement and Keith Foulkes, Trot Nixon's head to the DL, Wakefield's absense, and the surging and healthier Yankees making a very strong push. Basically, Schilling and Beckett really have to give great starts everytime out and hope that with the offense and the end of the relief guys (Timlin to Papelbon) holding things down wins can be had on a regular enough basis... tenuous, at best.

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Da Old Man said...

Short term, it is better to be lucky.

Long term, I'd rather be good.