Monday, May 28, 2007

So Tell Me, Evil Empire Fans, is it still early?

An MLB season runs 162 games. Throw the 2 off the end and it's easy to break the season down into ten segments of 16 game each. The Yankees have played 48 game, basically 30 percent of their season. Their record is 21-27, 6 games under .500. 12 1/2 behind the best team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox. Hell, the empire is 7 1/2 games behind Detroit for the Wild Card. What's the sound? Oh, it's just the death star exploding as this Arrogant empire of overpaid, overpraised, whiners cries. Oh, boo hoo, Abreu, that ball was outside? How do you explain the rest of your pitiful season. - hey, Mr. April (a.k.a. A-Hole), has anyone mentioned that you're batting avg. dropped under .300. - Torre, drop the green tea, drink a coffee, and show a fucking heartbeat. The most telling sign for me is that "The captain", the man of Mike Kay and John Sterlings wet dreams, has failed to come up big twice in the last few days. I was even shocked, because as a Red Sox fan I have the utmost respect for Jeter. My only criticism of him was that last year he could have put team first and spoke out in support of A-Hole, but he chose to remain silent. Not exactly the leadership, or as Big Stein likes to say, "the Yankee way."

BTW, my disgust for Mikey Kay shot back up again during yesterday's game, when he proclaimed the Yankees "the embodiment and most important example of american sports.... so a team with an overpaid loser (A-Hole), admitted steriods and amphetamine abuser (Giambi), and an enormous economic advantage over everyone else, is the embodiment of America? Playing like losers.... well, in a country run by G.Dubya, maybe Mikey's on to something there?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I picked a hell of a time to start reading your blog again.. ha ha. For someone who's such a big Blo Sox fan, you sure cover the Yankees well. I'll go on record now and say its still early in the season and they will make the playoffs. And no I'm not putting money on them, just still have a little something (which I think a lot of others lack) called faith. Of course as I'm writing this the Yanks are getting picked apart by the hapless blue birds. Anyway, your other recent blogs which weren't Yankee related were a riot. "Darth" in the title is a nice touch, and Cheney's speech which included the "Malice" quote, was priceless. The S-man