Monday, May 07, 2007

Rocket, the Sox, and hotmail

So okay, the rocket goes theatrical with the announcement he is returning to the evil empire. Well over 25 million for Roger, and the evil empires' salary now rolls over to 220 million. (Surprise, surprise, yankee problem met with more cash. Don't get me wrong, as a huge fan of the BoSox, I aso wanted Roger. There are a million things I can't stand about Roger, including his arrogance, his attempt to kill Mike Piazza, his lack of integrity, and his self aggrandizement. However, I will say this; I would have loved to have Roger on the Sox. What makes me happy here is that the evil empire, whose arrogance knows no bounds, has finally torn down the last vestige of their perceived superiority. they are giving Rocket whatever the hell he wants, and if this means the Yanks will be a team of 24 + Roger instead of a team of 25, so be it. The precedent has been set now, and I can't wait for the first major league talent who decides he will play for the Yankees, if they'll let him have long hair , a beard, sideburns, and whatever the hell else he wants. I don't care if players have these rights, I just like seeing the Yankees realize they will have to concede some arrogance in order to win.

Red Sox are 20-10, second best record in the league to the Brewers. I'll take our chances in a series with Ben Sheets and the Brewcrew!

Mariano Rivera blows another save, how freakin sweet. Yanks drop game 1 of the first official game played in the NY Yankee Roger Clemens era PT II!

I can't sign into my freakin email and it's really pissing me off!

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