Sunday, May 27, 2007

Darth rallies some new BLOOD

So what exactly does a soulless physical embodiment of evil say at a commencement ceremony for the future leaders of our great countries military forces? Remember, Dick is a proud recipient of 5 military deferments, never quite finding the stomach and balls to match his patriotic rhetoric. (Rhetoric he long ago learned could be spun into profit by selling weapons to anyone and everyone, including both Sadam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. ) I suspect he said something like this:

Dick " Hello, future cannon fodder. It pleases me to see some of this countries best and brightest, many from families with multiple generations of men and women who have served. - I have the greatest appreciation for your willingness to accept your place in the food chain, serving as foot soldiers to advance the economic fortunes of the more important people. Those such as myself, my employee... er, I mean, boss George, and my many friends at Haliburton. Our profiteering could not continue without the support of you all, and I implore you to be fruitful and multiply, for your descendants can also serve my needs... You ask me if I have a God Complex... I AM GoD!!!! (An aide whispers into Cheney's ear, "sir, that's from Malice."

Cheney "What"
Aide " That's from Malice"
Cheney "Are you saying I'm speaking with Malice... it's Abu Gahrib time for you, punk"
Aide, (shaken) - no, sir. I'm talking about the movie, Malice. Alec Baldwin

4 men in full black regalia approach, masks over their faces. They take the aide by the arm and escort him away.

Cheney "Perhaps some waterboarding and sexual humiliation will straighten you out." - A gleam enters Darth Cheney's eyes, and he begins rubbing his hands together. - " I wonder if I still have those contacts the Duke gave me. (Duke Cunningham, one of the countless corrupt cronies associated with this regime"

As always, this is a work of fiction, in case Alberto Gonzales has his Goebbels like crews out combing for anything "unpatriotic".

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from the government" - Thomas Paine

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Katester said...

Well put, Beast.