Friday, June 01, 2007

Classless Evil Empire - a.k.a. Business as usual

So the Evil Empire reminds me why I hate them so much, with their typical bullshit that they pull tonight. They trail tour heroes, the Red Sox by over 13 games and are playing well tonight, winning handily 9-3, on their way to ta modest 2 game winning streak, and then in true cowardly Yankee fashion, Scott Proctor tries to end Kevin Youkoulis' career with a 94 mile an hour fastball at his head. It amazed me that even Yankee Shill Mike Kay was disgusted, calling what Proctor did just wrong. Of course, Kay also breathlessly drooled over the return of beloved hero Roger Clemens, the man who tried to kill Mike Piazza. Just another example of a classless 200 million dollar team that tries to project this image of the all american team, and yet they have Stray Rod slutting around with whores, slapping at pitchers arms (Bronson Arroyo), yelling as they run the base paths, roiding up, punching photographers in the face (Randy Johnson), or generally being an all around douchebag (Dumbo Posada and guys like Gary Sheffield) - This team represents what is wrong with America, overpaid overentitled classless scumbags disregarding basic human goodness and arrogantly proclaiming it their right!


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