Saturday, May 12, 2007

Red Sox Winning Series

I am a big believer in the marathon aspect of a MLB season, which is why I am reluctant to get too high or drop too low based on small parts of the season. Consistency is the key, and as my good friend Woodman (evil empire fan, unfortunately, but a great guy nonetheless) are big believers in the philosophy of just winning series. Most MLB series are between 2-4 games, so the key is to never get swept and to win as many series as possible. With that in mind, here is a very optimistic look at the Sox, based on the first 20 percent of the season.

Boston has played 13 series so far. They won 9 of them, including sweeps over the Angels, Yankees, Baltimore, Seattle and Toronto. The Red Sox have split 2 series (Seattle and Oakland) and they have only lost 2 series, to Texas and a sweep to Toronto (prior to B.J. Ryan going down for the season) - This is great consistency, and with the best pitching staff in the majors (especially the starting pitching - 4 Quality starters: Schilling, Beckett (7-0) , Dice-K, and Tim Wakefield (best ERA in the AL). Thrown in Papelbon, and the return shortly of Jon Lester and I don't see this team dropping into any kind of long term losing streak. They have the wunderkid Jonathen Papelbon coming out as their stopper.

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