Saturday, June 02, 2007


"I don't know karate, I know Karazy" - James Brown, from The Payback

So I'm a little torn regarding my feelings towards how the evil empire should be approached today. After Scotty "i can't get anyone out so I will just try to take em out... permanently" tried to kill Kevin Youkilis yesterday, I want to see reitribution. I distinctly remember the 2004 season when Varitek finally enough of this Yankee B.S. and smacked A-Rod upside the head, effectively saying "enough is enough". - (Above is Dumbo Posada trying to sell the classic Yankee crap, "oh, that was just a mistake..." FU, Dumbo, whenever Pedro came inside on people you went apeshit. Yankee credibility is a very slight notch above the Bush regimes.

Today old warhorse Schilling takes the mound, and a huge part of me wants to see an inside brain splatterer take down someone like A-Hole or Dumbo, but I also don't want the evil empire to be provided with the impetus to reach deep into their evil psyches and pull out the power of the dark side to go on a run. Remember, the Red Sox are 12 1/2 games up, the empire is 6 behind in the wild card (behind 7 teams). The Sox are the pursued, and I really don't need to see anymore of our players injured (Empire already took down Lowell and tried to kill Youk, if I haven't already mentioned that.)

Best suggestion - build up a lead, bring in someone from the Pen, and then hammer some scumbag Yankee. - My Yankee buddies can vouch for me; I don't believe in trying to hurt any player. Pitching inside is an art, and I feel the empire has been lax in pitching inside. however, going for the head is unacceptable (although it really is the yankee way, remember Roger?) - I haven't seen Torre's explanation yet, but I'm sure he'll shovel some bs and say it was an accident. Right. - I also told my good buddy and Yankee fan that I would be upset if the Yanks took this approach, a cheapshot answer to their frustrations. he agreed, and now here we are.

If only Jon Lester were back now the BoSox could send in wild man Julian Tavarez and tell him to try to kill someone - he would gladly do it, and I would applaud the whole way. For anyone who calls me inconsistent, I say this: I would not advocate violence as a solution to problems, but if someone threatens me or those close to me then self defense enters the pic - what happened yesterday has to be addressed. tit for tat, and then the games can continue.

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