Sunday, June 03, 2007

Karma is a Bitch!!!

Karma sure is a bitch, huh Dougie? Remember when you were a douchebag about returning that ball from the last out in the 2004 World Series? - You had to be pushed for over a year before you returned it to the Hall of Fame. - I sure did, and I laughed while you lay on the ground yesterday. - Hey Posada, remember how you used to get so worked up when Pedro threw inside? You were always in the middle of the shit? - Yet Friday, you were there telling the reporters after the game (and Kevin Youkoulis during) that the inside headhunting ball by baby faced Yankee asshole Scottie P was simply an accident.- Yeah right? Well guess what? - Mike Lowell showed you that winning teams don't start cheap shit (yelling during pop ups, A-Hole), they finish it. Oh, and they also lead by 13 1/2 games.

One last question, evil fans. "Where is Roger?" - Oh, that's right, he has a fatigued groin. WTF. He hasn't even made a start yet and he has a fatigued groin? - Nice investment there, Cashman. How much you spending on Rocket Man and Igawa? - I can't hear you.

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