Thursday, June 07, 2007

Been Away

I've been away from the blog for a few days; unfortunately my uncle Charlie died on Sunday night. He was 71 and has dealt with poor health for most of his adult life; a very small sampling of some of his ailments are as follows: terrible skin rashes and irritations since childhood, triple bypass surgery for his heart, back problems, a painful dropped foot, throat cancer, leading to surgery that removed his taste buds and killed his ability to taste food, chemotherapy that left him unable to produce saliva on his own, leaving him unable to enjoy food and requiring him to constantly have water with him.... and this is truly the tip of the iceberg. He lived to be 71 and would have celebrated his 45th year as an ordained priest this week.! - It was tough for my mother, but she appreciated the presence of my father (of course) myself and my wife the last couple of days. (The folks moved to North Carolina last year, so this weeks trip was planned as a fun time; unfortunately this situation developed. -

R.I.P. - Father Charles McLaughlin


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