Friday, June 22, 2007

Almost 2 Weeks

It's been almost 2 weeks since i posted, and the last post was an shout out to the Yankees, who finally seemed to be playing like the 200 million dollar + team they have. They shaved 7 games off the Red Sox 14 1/2 game lead in 17 days and some of the deluded Yankee fans I know began to get as excited as Susan Waldman having an erotic dream about Roger Clemens

Susan " Oh Roger, keep rocketing in in there... Oh My Gawd, Roger!!!"

Well guess what Susan, Mr. Sterling, and assorted Yankee sycophants; you just got swept by the Colorado Rockies, you are a loss away from dropping below .5oo, in the 71st game of the year! Still early, huh, even though it's nearly the half way point. Meanwhile the intrepid heroes of Beantown have overcome the missed starts by Beckett and the placement of Schilling on the DL and have pushed their lead back to 10 1/2.

Check in later for some movie reviews, which I will also be posting on Thehipsterdufus .com.

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