Sunday, April 19, 2009

Since Wednesday

Since my last post, a quick, depressed, frustrated rant regarding the Red Sox, some good things have happened. First and foremost, the Red Sox have won 3 straight games, including a Wed. night gem pitched by old man Wakefield for a win against Oakland, followed by a terrific come from behind victory on Friday against the Orioles. In that game, Brad Penny came up heads down, and threw 3 innings with 8 earned runs! The Bullpen bore down and provided 6 innings of 0 runs baseball, and the offense finally cranked it up, coming back from a 7 run deficit to win 10-8. Sat. had Beckett, (still waiting to hear about his suspension) laboring through 6 innings but still able to keep the O's to 3 earned runs, and once again the bullpen came in to provide lights out relief and the Sox won 6-4. Additionally the team learned today that Josh Beckett could have his bogus suspension dropped to 5 games, allowing him to swap with Jon Lester for next weeks series with the Yankees, with Lester now pitchng Friday and Beckett pitching Sat, thus serving his suspension without missing a game. So.. FU Bob"I worked for the Yankees" Watson! Granted, the team still has no Dice-K, and Jed Lowrie may be lost for the season, but this minor leaguer Green is doing well in the short term and Lugo should be back soon enough.

Meanwhile, the evil empire opened their new Death Star and promptly were embarassed, losing their first real game ever in the new stadium. They were crushed 10-2 by the Cleveland indians, and big fat guy CC Sabathia, originally an Indian and currently the Yanks high priced ace. The empire squeaked a win out on Friday, only to suffer yesterdays joyful presentation for all other fans of baseball, parity, and american equality: an absolute embarassment of a loss to the Indians, 22-4, with a new record of runs scored against Vader's boys in one inning, 14 in the 2nd. As I type this, the Red sox are leading their game 2-0 in the 6th, Lester seems to have righted himself, with 7 Ks and 0 ER's, and the Empire is losing to old friend Carl Pavano 3-1. sweet!!

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