Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AAARRGH!! - Awakening to another Red Sox Loss

If it weren't for the Yankees getting drubbed yesterday and blowing a lead the day before I would be utterly despondent; instead i am only terrible frustrated by the Red Sox. 2-5 now, and if they don't win the next two against Oakland that will be 3 straight series losses! the Starting rotation, outside of Beckett and a reasonable start by Brad Penny has been a debacle. Jon Lester took his second start last night and came up with this doozy: 6 Innings pitched, 10 Hits, 6 Earned Runs. His season ERA is now at 9.00!!

Meanwhile, the offense has been equally frustrating: Ellsbury at .200, Pedroia at .179, Ortiz at .208, J.D.Drew at .150, and Lowell at .154!! Thank god for Youk and Bay at this point.

Dammit - need to win this series, come home and take 3/4 from Baltimore, getting the team to 7-6. Do It!


Da Old Man said...

It's early. Not to worry.

savvy said...

I'm worried!