Sunday, April 12, 2009

Red Sox update - one turn through the rotation

So after a delayed home opener and a 39 pitch, 4 out save by Papelbon we're left with a 2-3 baseball team, losers of their first series of the season but with a chance for opening day ace to further show us fans/members of the Nation that his first start was not a mirage!~ After poor performances from the middle of the rotations (Lester's being most disappointing), only the 6 inning, 3 run performance by Penny, with a very nice 5 outs by Ramirez operating as the bridge to Paps, and the shaky but completed save, the team can still win today, making that a nice series win, and then look to take 2/3 from Oakland, with Lester and Dice-K needing to atone. If the Sox can grab 2 wins there then whatever Wakefield gives is bonus (which is how I generally feel about Wake - if he makes his starts, gets some innings eaten up (preferably 6 or more) and leaves them with a chance to win, basically not a whole lot different than penny,at this point.

My ultimate hope would be 50 + wins for the top 3 (49 more to go!), combined with 20 wins from the back of the rotation would put the team at 70ish wins. Add in 25 games you win with no decisions and come from behinds, and there is hopefully your playoff slot, if not your division!

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