Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Manny Who?

So now this Red Sox train is really cruising along, 11 straight wins. This run started a few weeks ago, when the ageless Tim Wakefield took the mound for the series finale with Oakland 13 days ago, and he continues to drive this engine. Check out Wake's stats beginning with that game.

On the aforementioned date, April 15, Wake goes the full game, takes a no hit bid into the 8th, and ends with a 4 hit, 2 earned run game to start the streak.

1 week later he gives 7 innings of with 1 earned run in a 10-1 win against the twins, and finally last night he gives the Sox 7 innings, 1 hit, 0 runs scored. Wakefield is now 2-1, with last night's game a no decision. The dude is gonna be 43, yet he has pitched at least 6 innings in each start (with his first game his worst, a 6 inning, 3 earned run, 5 walk day. Even with that, Wakefield is giving the team length, sparing the bullpen, and now wins. With Dice-K out, what he and Masterson are doing can't be undersold.

Finally, Jason Bay, the quality team guy who replaced the bat of Manny Ramirez. Now there is no true replacement for what Manny does on with the bat, but I will take Bays's solid production and newly added clutch element. The 2 run blast against mariano on Friday, and now last nights blast, helping send the Sox to win 11 in a row!

Oh, and the Yankees lose... again. Now a 9-10 200 million dollar debacle!!

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