Monday, October 06, 2008

You think you know people

Sort of a disappointing post today. I recently was saddened, frustrated, and ultimately disappointed to learn that 2 gentleman I consider to be great friends have succumbed to the mindless slander and mudslinging that has been thrown Barack Obama's way. Now let me be clear, I am not an "Obamaniac", I don't think he's the "Messiah", hell, I'm not even a follower. I am a guy who tries to pay attention, wade through the garbage, and see what each of these candidates has to offer our country. (These are both terms used by one of my lifelong best friends, who also referenced Barack Obama as supporting infanticide (no, it's not true. Go to to check out any nonsense spouted by either campaign)

The worst was by good friend J. (first initial only) He's a very smart man, a nice guy, and someone who I would have never, ever considered to be someone who falls prey to the slander. Sadly, he and I had a number of emails go back and forth and the rhetoric coming from his was unbelievable. Obama ran with the Weathermen (right, when he was 8 yrs. old he was helping to plant bombs, ) He spoke of a fear of Obama, not trusting him, ... and this doozy -

Sort of like the guy Obama wants to sit down with with no conditions. You know, the guy who says the Holocaust never happened. Personally, I am pretty sure it happened because my buddy's Mom has the numbers tattooed on her arm. I've met other survivors, and just find it hard to believe they all concocted this story and went through the process of tattooing numbers on their bodies as a hoax. But, of course, Obama supports a man who believes that.
Sure, I trust him. /sarcasm "

Really, how does one argue with that level of untruth - there is really just sadness for me, becasue this is not true, on any level (if it is, please connect with the facts, I would be happy to correct myself. Diplomatic relations with one's enemies is what this country needs more of, not the Cowboy diplomacy we've gotten for the last 8 years . In case someone wasn't paying attention, that hasn't worked out so well. - BTW, that pic of the pin is a real pin, obviously anti-Obama, in Texas.

Oh, the market continues to crash, but John McCain wants to turn the page on that, and talk about Obama and... the Weathermen, and Jeremiah Wright.

This country needs change, and The Maverick and the Milf ain't it.


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