Monday, October 20, 2008

15 Days Until the Election

Well, I remember a few years ago, when John Kerry ran a terrible campaign against The Decider, George W. Bush, in 2004. Despite the many mistakes already made by the Bush administration, after stealing the presidential election in 2000, ignoring the threats to our nation eventually resulting in the tragedy of 9/11 of 2001, and the unnecessary war in Iraq (well, really an invasion of a sovereign nation who had not attacked the U.S.), after this and so much more, JOhn Kerry lost. However, as a member of another nation, red Sox nation, I had the joy of their come from behind 3 games to 0 against the evil empire of the NY yankees. I told people then that I would have traded the joy of that championship in return for an end of the Bush regime. No such luck. Now, in 2008 it seems quite possible that after possibly the worst 2 term president in American History (and I blame every one you douche bags who voted for Dubya, your ignorance helped lead to the mess this country is now in)

This time, it's time for change. As Barack Obama says, Change is coming. I would have voted for either Hilary or Barack, and now that he is closing in, with good ole Joe Biden with him, I am very happy. I am also happy for Colin Powell, an honorable man who I have always felt some sympathy for. I believed he was unable to separate Colin Powell the honorable man from Colin Powell the dutiful military man, and this led him to carry the water for the neo-conservative movement, standing up before congress and the AMerican people and telling us all that Iraq absolutley had WMD's, when we all knew they didn't then, they don't now. Was Colin lying, or deceived? We'll never know, and I really wanted him to resign in anger, effectively telling the country that Bush had fooled him once, (shame on him) but Colin wouldn't be fooled again!

Redemption, for Mr. Powell? Or just an opportunity taken to help fix what he helped to break?

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