Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blogging During the Red Sox Game

Because it's just too damn stressful to watch the Sox game without something distracting me, I will check in with blog thoughts, during the game.

First thought, my local cable station TBS had some kind of technical problem and I missed the first inning, with the game finally clicking in just after Upton's HR for TB. Not a good omen. But that was followed by a double play ball by Beckett to end the first inning.

Move Review: In Bruges - This movie had received a lot of great word of mouth, from both critics and people I personally spoke to. I have to say, my wife and I didn't agree.

YOUK blasts a HR off James Shields - bang, game tied!

So how's that for a short review? Basically, I felt that the film (In Bruges) sort or meandered, with Brendon Gleeson the only watchable part of the film. However, a very strong 3rd act, and the addition of an outstanding performance by Ralph Fiennes salvaged the flick, making it a good watch, but no more.

Hey, Rutgers won it's homecoming game against Connecticut 12-10. RU moves to 2-5, with at least the faint hope of a winning season (have to run the table) or at least a strong second half and a .500 record, while seasoning some the younger players.

The Captain, Jason Varitek, gets his first hit of the ALCS, a Homer that puts the Sox up 3-2. This on the heels of the HR Beckett gave up at the end of the 5th. So now, top of 6th, Sox up 1. Win tonight, start Lester tomorrow.... staying alive.


Big Papi gets an RBI, REd sox go up 4-2. This onthe heels of an error 1 batter earlier by Jason Bartlett, allowing Boston to continue to move forward in the inning. Could it be

UPDATE: 11 41

Moving towards the 4 hr mark, the Sox head into the 9th inning up 4-2. Beckett grits out 5 innings, 2 runs, Hideki Okajimi puts together 2 shut out innings, (he's shaping up as huge for this series so far), and then the kid, Justin Masterson, hits a batter, but wriggles out with no runs. BTW, Boston has left 12 men on base, so if they win, they are lucky tonight, because they should have more runs.


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