Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Round UP

Yo, what up, everyone. Quick thoughts on this unbearably humid and very unpleasant Sun. afternoon.

How in the name of anything (God, all that is holy, fill in the blank here) can anyone still believe that John MccAin and Sarah Palin should run this country? A true example, a continuation really, of the idiots in this country (ex. Red State America, Religious Wackos, filthy rich, and the willfully ignorant_ who vote Party first and competency last. There is no room for debate re: the debate Fri., Obama looked like a smart, sensible, intelligent man who explained the nuances of many votes, pointed out the failures of the Bush approach to governing, and reminded people that John McCain is nothing more than an extension of Bush. Keating Five, anyone? (if you don't know, look it up.)

Yet the ignorance, (and racism, regardless of what people want to delude themselves into believing) continue to plague the Democratic party

Rutgers pounds on Morgan St., the homecoming game I was supposed to attend with my buddies, but we bailed out due to the awful weather. Anyway, RU wins, and maybe things will be a little bit better - Cinncinatti lost their starting qb, (their back up, really, but he was staring in place of their original starter) so RU will hopefully get them with their 3rd stringer. Pat White got hurt for wVU, next weeks opponent, so maybe that helps out too. Finally, the Navy upset win over Wake Forest, ranked 16th, at Wake Forest, makes the Navy loss look a bit better now. With the Big East starting next week, a win there would go a long way to adding some hope to this season.

Red sox begin defense Wed against Angels, and if they win that series, I think they go to the WS

Mets are choking ..... again. Surprise.


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