Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogging During the Red Sox Game - Game 7 2008 ALCS

It offered good voodoo last night, so let's check in with the heroes from Boston - 1-0 already, with a Dustin Pedroia HM in the first inning. 1 out, 1 run lead, Ortiz up at the plate, and Jon Lester looking to bounce back in the bottom half of the inning after a weak previous start. Considering Lester has battled cancer, returned to baseball, started a 4th and clinching game of a WS (last year in Colorado), pitched a no-hitter, and has been bigger, stronger, and even better this year... I feel pretty good.

Papi walks, 1 on, 1 out, Youk up -

Update - 9:41

So the Rays have tied it in the bottom of the 4th inning, an rbi double against Lester. Game tied 1-1, top of 5th, Garz strikes out Cora to end the inning. Garza vs. Lester shaping up, two young starters battling for a spot in the World Series.

Update - 9:55

Shit. Rays up now 2-1, bottom 5th. Lester in trouble, 2 on, nobody out, already gave up a run. This is big, clamp down, get out of this jam, ride that momentum into the 6th.

1 Down. 2 more to go.

OK, out of the inning. Damage controlled, game 2-1 Rays starting the 6th.

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