Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sports Shorts (II)

To follow up on what I started with on Wed., let's begin with Bobby Knight. He "resigned" (QUIT) from his position as Texas Tech men's basketball coach abruptly, with 10 games to go in the regular season. There were no health reasons. There was no family emergency. Knight just decided it was time. Well, isn't that nice! Can you imagine what "The General" w0uld say if one of his players came to him midseason and said that he was "tired" and knew it was time. I can. It would likely go something like this.

Player "Coach, I can't play anymore. I'm tired"

Knight " So you're quitting on me"

Player - "No, I just don't feel it anymore, coach."

Knight (turning red and raising his voice) " You don't feel it anymore. How bout this (Knight kicks the player in the ass, hard.) You feel that, punk. Do you? You are a fucking disgrace, you son of a bitch. Who the hell do you think you are, making a committment to me, this school, your team, your fans, your family, and yourself. You are a fucking quitter. (Knight grabs a nearby seat and hurls it at the player ) Well then have a seat, you whiny bitch. You are like a girl.. hey, here's some advice I've given to women before, you little bitch, maybe it will help you. If you're getting raped, just lay back and enjoy it."

Player - "Coach, I'm sorry. I am just exhausted."

Knight - (reaching for player, grabbing him by the throat, and choking him) - Tired, my ass. You are a loser, a quitter, and a disgrace. Get out of my sight."

Yep. everything mentioned is taken from just a small snippet of Knight's actions over his career. Of course, Bobby made sure he won over 900 games before resigning, because as always, it's really about him. Not his employers, or the kids who play for him, or the game, or sportsmanship, or anything else. It's always about Robert Montgomery Knight, the General of double standards. Bye Bye Bobby, try not to shoot anybody next time you go hunting and rampage through someone's private property. (True story, Knight hunting, and when the owner of the property told Knight to get off his property, Knight basically told him to go screw.

Then there's Roger. Apparently everything in the Mitchell report has come to be verified by the players involved. Not one player has challenged the report, yet somehow, in roger's world, he has been the victim of defamation and libel. However, even though Roger Dodger is insistent on his innocence, there is plently of blame to around.

McNamee is a liar, according to Roger.
Roger's agents, the Hendricks brothers, didn't let Roger know that the Mitchell report team wanted to speak with Roger.
Rogers" wife Debbie, (clutching her yellow rose of texas throughout the congressional hearings) tried HGH with McNamee's assistance, without Roger's knowledge (yeah Right, control freak0
roger didn't know his wife was trying a substance, with his personal trainers assistance.

Of course, Roger did his best, telling the committee that his communications with a former nanny, and a private meeting with her, was to help the committee, not for any insidious reason)

It does indeed help that Roger can namedrop the former pres. of the U.S.A., George H.W. Bush

so I can only wonder now, if the current Dubya will end his term with something very similar to his beginning - a preemptive strike (this time in the form of a pardon) for Roger Dodger. At least this time it won't cost millions of lives, billions of dollars, and America's world reputation. It will just allow another rich Texan to walk away unscathed by his crimes.

I really can't stand Texas. The state has been the breeding ground for so many shady things in the last 50 yrs, from the assassination of JFK (Dallas ) to LBJ further pushing the US into Vietnam, thus providing a financial sop to the Texas oilmen and munitions providers who profited handsomely from that unnecessary war (domino theory, my ass) - and BTW, if you aren't smart enough to see the parallels between Vietnam and Iraq - lengthy military excursions providing billions for the defense industry and the oil companies, based on providing a backdrop of fear for the general public (Islamoterrorism or Domino Theory), - then you are part of the problem..

I digress, and now I'm getting pissed off thinking about it. - time to go read a comic.


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