Monday, February 18, 2008

Series Review - Season 1 - Weeds

My good buddy Woodman has been suggesting that my wife and I watch the Showtime series Weeds. Those who know me know that that the show's theme is certainly close to my heart, and my buddy insisted it's a solid show. So with the ease of Netflix my wife and I rented the first season and finished watching it tonight. My thoughts are basically... I don't really have any strong thoughts. This isn't necessarily bad, but it is telling. I watch some shows (currently rewatching The Shield, as I have purchased Seasons 1-3 and 4 is on the way) and feel intensely about what I am watching. (A very lengthly post is coming soon with my thoughts on the Shield, which I believe may be the best series I've ever seen, with absolutely no drop in quality throughout the entire series, not even one weak episode.)

Weeds is fun. It has some actors and actresses that I haven't seen enough of (Martin Donovan, who I loved in The Opposite of Sex, Mary Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, and the hilarious Kevin Nealon, perfectly cast in this show.) It tries to juggle a variety of issues, but at the end of the day, the number one description that comes to mind is uneven. There are some episodes that are great, followed by a fairly weak, boring episode. The season ended very strong, and we are both looking forward to the second season. Definitely worth the watch, for the fun actors, (and man is Mary Louise a hell of a MILF), but not something worthy of multiple viewings or of the highest honor, a place in the DVD collection. The Shield will easily be watched a third time through, and the few friends I've turned on to the show have come back raving about it. -

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