Friday, February 29, 2008

4 Weeks Ago Today + Bobby Z movie review

Well, exactly 4 weeks ago today I was being sliced and diced, with the removal of that pesky appendix. Tiny little thing really, but man the pain that sucker caused was something else. Anyway, today is the end of my disability time, and work resumes on Monday. I know it's a good thing (like eating right and exercising ) but returning to the routine is likely to be a bit of a grind, at least for that first week.

I have had lots of time to read and watch movies. last night's flick - Bobby Z. Basically a direct to video flick with a pretty solid cast, including Lawrence Fishburne (the poor man's Samuel J., no disrespect to Lawrence), the ridiculously hot Olivia Wilde (whom I didn't even realize is on House), Paul Walker (a pretty-boy actor in the Keanu Reeves mode, he can't carry a movie, but he won't ruin one either, as long as he isn't required to do any heavy lifting along the way) and Joaquin De Almeida, a bad guy character actor who you've seen a million times (I remembered him from Desperado, but he's also been on both 24 and La Femme Nikita (The Series).

The movie is a nice tight 94 minutes, has plenty of pretty solid violence, some painfully cheesy interplay between Walker and some kid, ends happily with a new makeshift family (Walker, the supposed bad girl gone good, and the kid - I told you it was cheesy) but Olivia Wilde is so freakin hot that all of her scenes were enjoyable, the plot moved along quickly (and the big twist was so obvious that I saw it coming within the first 10 minutes) but still, worth the watch.

I also enjoyed Walker in Running Scared, another violent flick with a sexy (but far more accomplished actress, N.J.'s own Vera Farminga). He didn't ruin it, and the more talented people around him basically carry the story.

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