Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Oh, the Pain" - Joe Beningo (sp?)

I purposely stole one of my favorite sayings for WFAN radios sports host Joe Beningo. I did this for the title because announcers are on my mind, after the brutality of last nights WGN broadcast of the Red Sox /White Sox game. The good part was the Red Sox and Dice-K looked great, and with the Yankee loss the Red Sox picked up another game of space. The brutal.... Chicago White Sox sportscaster and WGN employee Hawk Harrelson. Truly, truly awful, he may well be the worst broadcaster I have ever seen. Don't forget, living here in N.J. I have to suffer with Michael Kay and John Sterling (Sterling/Susan Waldman is a very, very close second with Harrelson.)

The most annoying part had to be Harrelson with his trademark "He gone," which he utters every time a White Sox player hits a home run. I've also heard him say things "Git outta here, go on" - It's one thing to be a homer, but the level of obnoxiousness mixed with his butchery of the english language, and his grating redneck tone - well, all we can hope for is a tumble from the booth down the steps, leading to us never hearing from him again. Do White Sox fans actually like this guy?

Here's a link to a website to truly ensuring that "he gone", looking for the removal of Hawk. Please join me in supporting their efforts.


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