Saturday, August 02, 2008

Life Without manny - Day 1

Well the Jason Bay era (or the post Manny era, however you prefer to look at it) started nicely for the Red Sox. An agonizing 12 innings with a total of only 3 runs scored (combined) left the Red Sox with a 2-1 victory, and Bay hit a huge triple in the 12th and scored the winning run. He made 2 nice plays in the field, and his stat line read 1-2, 2 runs scored (both of the boston runs, in other words), 2 SO's, 2 walks, and his Red Sox BA. is .333. Now let's hope with Lester and Dice-K going today and tomorrow (respectively) for a sweep and a little momentum.

In other games that mattered yesterday, the Yanks lost (sweet), Tampa Bay won again, and Minnesota won. So the Sox continue to hold the wild card by 1/2 game over Minn., trail the Rays by 3, and the Yanks have now dropped 2/12 behind the Red Sox for the wild card, and they have Mussina on the mound today but Rasner on tomorrow, so definitely pressure today to avoid a possible 4 game sweep.

BTW, I mentioned in my previous post that it had been a rough week for both the Sox and myself. For me it's really just a matter of being sick most of the week, and now even today my ears hurt and my head is full of snot, my throat hurts and when I cough to bring up the gallons of nasty mucus in my lungs and chest that hurts too. Currently on some Zyrtec with Pseudophenrine, some Robitussen, and in the air conditioned attic- definitely want to get over this by Monday and start a productive week.


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