Monday, August 04, 2008

A movie Review (Rushmore) and some babble!

Currently have TNT by AC/DC pumping out... well, as pumping out music can be through small laptop speakers on a Dell, but I digress... anyway, does anyone else remember this song playing in the beginning credits of an HBO show about a family of bail bondsman, I think from N.Y. now this is going to bug me.

Anyway, checking in today with 2 movie reviews. First is the absolutely terrific Rushmore, directed by Wes Anderson, co written by Anderson and Owen Wilson, and stars Bill Murray in the first of his many dour, downbeat roles. The film also introduces us to "Max Fisher" , played by Jason Schwartzman. His Max is perfect, a goofy blend of a kid who was a bit of an oddball, but
with good reason. His mother died, his father was a kind but somewhat limited man, and Max throws himself into being a student at the private prep academy, Rushmore. This is one of my 2 favorite Wes anderson films, along with The Royal Tennenbaums. I enjoyed the Darjeeling Limited but feel no need to own it. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou probably deserves another look. I also have a fondness for his first film, Bottle Rocket. I discovered it when I first began to educate myself about independent film, so that is probably why I have an unusual fondness for it.

Rushmore also came out the year I started dating my wife, and we recently watched the criterion edition dvd together, a great gift from her from last Christmas! - We have a lot of movies to watch, it often takes a long time to get to a flick. Add in Netflix and well.. you see the problem.

By the way, Red Sox finish the sweep yesterday, a nice start to life post Manny!

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